Empowering Indigenous communities to protect our forests and its biodiversity through participatory films and geospatial data

Our Letter To The Earth

We are a global movement with the aim to assist Indigenous communities in their battle against deforestation through participatory films and geospatial data. We wrote a letter to the Earth and promised to stand with Indigenous communities, the guardians of the forests.

The GeoStory Camps At Heart

We believe that video technology and geospatial data could be used as a tool for the advancement of Indigenous rights and the preservation of nature. We train a new generation of Indigenous leaders by providing the tools and skills to produce video content and develop geospatial maps to capture environmental change.


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Indigenous Rights

Latest Updates

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Participatory Films

We Are The Kīsêdjê From Brazil

The Kīsêdjê are the only group of the Gê language family living in the Xingu Indigenous Park in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. The Kīsêdjê community has repeatedly tried to prevent deforestation on their territories across the Wawi River. In spite of their efforts, the deforestation undertaken by outsiders has not ceased and poses a significant threat to the Kīsêdjê Tribe.

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Panel Discussion

Storytelling & Conservation Goals

Through this discussion panel we look at how storytelling can drive change by safeguarding the rights of Indigenous peoples and their relation to conservation and global sustainability. Five speakers from different disciplines will be giving their experience on this topic and discuss its importance and future steps.

Participatory Films

We Are The A'i Cofan From Ecuador

The A'i Cofan number approximately 2,100 and control most of the Cofan Bermejo rainforest in Ecuador. The A'i Cofan are fighting back against small-scale gold-miners and new, large-scale concessions invading their forest land. Possessing centuries of slowly developed wisdom, they hold the keys to an incredible body of information concerning the preservation of nature and the everyday rhythms of the Amazonian rainforest.

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Save Our Planet

We are overwhelmed by images of the burning Amazon and the Congo rainforest. Join us as we interview specialists in the field, everyone from academics to human rights advocates, on what must be done to protect our planet.

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