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Films for systemic change.

We are passionate about transferring filmmaking skills to the communities who are on the frontline of the dangerous fight to protect the forests of our planet. We offer those communities documentary workshops that will enable them to document the human rights abuses and deforestation they face everyday.


Those workshops result in participatory films, co-produced by People's Planet Project and the Indigenous communities we partner with. The co-produced films are focused around environmental and Indigenous rights issues for distribution to both the general public and directly to government decision makers. The ultimate goal is to use participatory films through impact and advocacy campaigns to bring about systemic change in regards to Indigenous rights and deforestation. 

Documentary films

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Impact campaign   |   Production stage

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At the corridor of the Leuser ecosystem, lays the ancient Kingdom of Linge. It is the largest remaining swath of intact rainforest in Sumatra, and home to critically endangered tigers, orangutans, rhinos and elephants. This area has been protected by the Linge community for centuries, who are able to coexist with this fragile ecosystem while maintaining their livelihood through small scale coffee farming. 


A recent gold mining concession is going to displace the entire Linge community from their land while destroying the last known habitats of Sumatran tigers and orangutans.

In development   |   2023


Documentary  series  |   Production stage

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Linha De Frente is a docu-series that follows the heroic stories of Indigenous forest defenders from the Brazilian Amazon. They have traded their bows and arrows for cameras and drones on their journey to expose forest crimes and protect the Amazon rainforest from transitioning into an open savannah.

This documentary series will bring Indigenous filmmakers, social media influencers, award-winning activists and future Indigenous politicians all under the same roof. They are all underdogs in the climate fight, yet their voices are reaching a global audience with increasing strength and frequency. 

In development   |   2024

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