Together with our partners we create new opportunities to protect the lungs of our planet

Partner Organizations

Associação Indígena Kīsêdjê is an alliance that promotes ecological and social resilience and the rights of the Kīsêdjê community in Brazil. The community lives in one of the most environmentally threatened areas of the world. The alliance is working towards activities that aim to guarantee the rights of the Kīsêdjê living on 1.7 million hectares of traditional lands. The alliance was awarded with the UNDP Equator Prize for being able to recover its traditional lands and develop an entrepreneurial model that uses native pequi trees to revitalize the landscape.

REKAM Nusantara was founded by environmental media experts, wildlife researchers and marine biodiversity researchers. The foundation disseminates information to the public through research and educational projects to raise awareness about the local wisdom owned by the indigenous people of the archipelago and the importance of biodiversity.

INFIS is home to activists who have a passion for documentary films and is concerned with developing and bringing the richness of Indonesian nature and culture to the public. INFIS has aimed to produce high-quality documentaries to promote the preservation of Indonesian nature and culture. The organization was founded by media experts of environment issues and researchers for wildlife and marine biodiversity. They work closely with a number of other organizations (at national and international levels), developing close partnerships with local NGOs as well as engaging with indigenous groups, and local communities.

Tribal Wisdom is a benevolent foundation that encourages the continuation of ancestral knowledge and traditional practices from peoples around the world. Their goal is to connect  practitioners and for original cultures to be reviewed and revived locally, helping to create more balanced communities with nature-based solutions.

Barisan Pemuda Adat Nusantara (BPAN) is a youth-led indigenous association with the aim to empower the indigenous youth in Indonesia. Members of BPAN are aged 15 to 35 and represent the indigenous communities in 7 regions of the archipelago. BPAN works to accommodate, integrate, channel and fight for solidarity and aspirations of the indigenous youth of Indonesia. 

The Sinchi Foundation raises awareness and generates support for indigenous communities around the world. They provide a platform to learn about the importance of cultural diversity and the role indigenous people play in keeping our connection to the natural world intact, with the objective to provide indigenous people with the opportunity to share their own stories and ensure better representation in the media.

Nacionalidad Achuar de Ecuador is the mother organization of the Achuar tribe, formed between 18 associations and 89 communities of the Achuar nationality. The organization is founded with the purpose to defend the forest territory of the Achuar, and their ancestral knowledge. The Achuar people of Ecuador live on 787,000 hectares of ancestral forest lands. Each community is represented by their leaders who ensure the union of its association, communities and individuals, through the consolidation of territory and the Achuar cultural identity. 

Pachamama is a group of filmmakers and photographers dedicated to creating visually inspiring images. Their work, both alluring and emotive, bridges the gap between cinematic and humanized media, aiming to awaken the innate connection between human beings and their environment. With a focus on  documentary, outdoors and conservation, they inspire positive change in the world through the craft of filmmaking.


Committed to support the guardians of the forests in their journey to protect the lungs of our planet. 

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