Protecting the forests which our lives depend on

What's at stake

An estimated 18 million acres of forest, which is roughly the size of the country of Panama, are lost each year.

Indigenous communities are the first people to experience changing climates ranging from extreme droughts to long-lasting rainfall causing floods and havoc. Indigenous forests are cleared for commercial purposes, releasing carbon into the atmosphere to drive global warming while leaving indigenous communities landless. Those communities are left with no avenues to resist the unsustainable land grabbing and address this on a local and global level.

We believe

We are driven by the belief that providing indigenous communities with a skill set to tell powerful visual stories on the unsustainable practices faced, will enable policy action around issues that affect the livelihood and well-being of the most vulnerable communities.

Stories with purpose

Indigenous peoples are on the frontline of the dangerous fight for the world’s forests. We bring indigenous rights to the attention of civil society and policy makers through documentaries and participatory films. We tell their stories and the hardships they face to protect our forests from unsustainable commercial land grabbing.

Docu Camps

We support indigenous communities and equip them with filmmaking skills and cartography tools to capture environmental change  and tell first hand stories that would allow social and policy change at local and global levels. We offer Docu Camps, i.e. workshops on storytelling, filmmaking and geospatial mapping.



We believe that through this approach indigenous communities will be able to revitalize cultural heritage and traditional knowledge, document environmental change and map indigenous territories and cultures. The ultimate goal is to use video content and cartographic data as a proof of evidence to contain deforestation and protect indigenous rainforests. 

Strategic Partnerships & Grassroots Advocacy

We work together with environmental lawyers involved in ground breaking environmental and human rights issues globally. The strategic partnerships, the storytelling approach and the geospatial data will enable indigenous communities to advocate and campaign for environmental and indigenous rights on a local and global level.

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