Meet The Team

Managing Directors

Abdel Mandili

Founder & Executive Director

Cristóbal Ruiz

Creative Director

Regional & Project Coordinators

Bianca Pedro

Regional Coordinator - Asia Pacific

Mira Hayden

Regional Coordinator - Africa 

Amit Wior

Regional Coordinator - Latin America

Caterina Torti

Project Coordinator - Brazil

Florensia Bhara

Project Coordinator - Indonesia

Media & Geographics

Katarzyna Nowosad

Media & Communications Officer

Filippo Belliti

Video Editor

Theresia Utami

Geospatial Analyst

Impact & Resource Mobilization

Samantha O'Neil

Fundraising &

Research Officer

Andra Enuica

Fundraising &

Research Officer

Stephanie Septembre

Impact Assessment &

Research Officer

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