Meet The Board

Julian Busquets

Advisory Board Member 

Born in Washington DC of Puerto Rican and Brazilian heritage, Julian is an award-winning documentary film director who started Veedro Films, a film production company in São Paulo. Julian is known for working directly with Indigenous tribes throughout the Brazilian Amazon. He is currently in post production for “The Spirit of Tatá”, a feature length documentary about a 103-year-old shaman from the Yawanawá Tribe. Julian's hands-on experience also led to a documentary about the “Guardians of the Forest” from the Guajajara Tribe, set to premiere on Good Morning America in conjunction with the ABC News Investigative Unit. 

gilbert-UNPFII Jan 18.jpg
Jérémie Gilbert

Advisory Board Member 

Jérémie Gilbert is a Professor of Human Rights Law. His main area of research is on the rights of Indigenous communities, particularly their rights to land and natural resources. Jérémie has worked with several Indigenous communities across the globe and regularly serves as a consultant for several international organizations supporting Indigenous rights. As a legal expert, he has been involved in providing legal briefs, expert opinions and carrying out evidence gathering in several cases involving Indigenous peoples’ land rights across the globe.

Marine Calmet

Advisory Board Member 

Marine Calmet is a lawyer and environmentalist, committed to the recognition of the rights of nature and Indigenous peoples. She is the co-founder of Wild Legal, a nonprofit organization that promotes the study, practice and advancement of environmental law.  Marine is committed to ignite new effective responses to the ecological problems that surround us.

Abdel Mandili

Executive Board Member 

Abdel founded People’s Planet Project with the aim to assist Indigenous communities in their battle against deforestation. He has focused on raising awareness of issues about climate change and Indigenous livelihood destruction through his work as a filmmaker. His most recent documentary ‘The Indigenous Quest’ is about the massive forest loss in Borneo caused by big multinationals to clear land for palm oil plantations at the cost of Indigenous customary lands. The film was awarded with a Special Mention at the Asia South East Short Film Festival, Winter 2018.