A participatory film about Kamikia who is using the art of filmmaking as a powerful visual weapon against environmental destruction

Image: Kamikia Kisedje

Linha De Frente

pre-production stage

Linha De Frente follows the heroic story of Kamikia. His journey to become the first internationally known Indigenous filmmaker started with an inventive self-made camera that he created as a child from materials that he could find from the forest. Now, Kamikia is armed with his camera on his journey to protect the Xingu Indigenous territory from extinction.

This is a film about our planet, told through the eyes of unheard communities and heroes who are currently protecting the rainforests of the world. This film will serve as a proof of evidence on one of the biggest environmental problems of our times and contribute to the important discourse advocating for a more sustainable future for the Xingu region and our planet.

Linha De Frente Collage.png