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Responsive & Professional Divorce Lawyers in Orange County

Divorce may feel like an overwhelming situation, but sometimes it becomes necessary and the only way forward. Dissolution of marriage is indeed an end to the legal union of two parties, but it can also be a fresh start. To eliminate stress and confusion during this time, hire a qualified divorce lawyer in Orange County. From guiding you on the best possible options and filing for divorce to negotiating a settlement or litigating for one - Lopez scca will represent your best interests at every stage of the process.


We can help dissolve your marriage and achieve all your goals in child custody, asset division, and child and spousal support disputes. 


Benefits of Hiring Our Divorce Lawyers in Orange County 

·        Experience & Expertise

Our divorce lawyers in Orange County have extensive experience and knowledge of the intricacies of California family law. We will guide and represent you with a tailored approach to your specific situation. 

·        Rational Advice

Divorce can be emotionally overwhelming, making it difficult to make rational decisions. We will help you see the larger picture and provide objective advice so you make informed decisions.

·        Negotiation Skills

We will use our negotiating skills to represent and protect your interests by obtaining a fair settlement that eliminates lengthy and costly court litigation. 

·        Paperwork 

From preparing and filing the initial paperwork to drafting settlement agreements and property disclosures, we will manage all documentation and paperwork promptly and efficiently.

·        Protecting your Rights

We will protect your rights and interests at all times and ensure you receive a fair resolution. 


Call (714) 733-7065 or send an email to and tell us about your situation. 


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