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Guide To Play Both Teams to Score Bet

What is the 'Both Teams to Score' bet? What are the common types of 'Both Teams to Score' bets? Not everyone fully understands this type of bet. Therefore, in the article below, we will answer questions about the 'Both Teams to Score' bet as well as how to analyze this type of bet. You can refer to the good football tips below.

Definition of Both Teams to Score Bet

Both Teams to Score (BTTS) is a type of side bet in online football betting where the bettor can wager on whether both teams will successfully score during the 90 minutes of regular play. The bettor can also predict that one of the two teams will not score any goals.

In these types of bets, the bettor does not need to concern themselves with the total number of goals (like in over/under bets) or the handicap (like in Asian handicap bets). The bettor only needs to focus on whether both teams will score or not. This makes the prediction process much easier and increases the chances of winning. This simplicity and higher winning probability make BTTS bets very popular among bettors.

To put it simply, when bettors participate in BTTS bets, they only need to predict whether there will be goals in the first half, the second half, or throughout the entire match. If they win, the betting experts of the bookmaker will add the total winnings to the bettor's account. Conversely, if they lose, the amount wagered will be automatically deducted from their account.

Types of BTTS Bets and How to Play

BTTS in the First Half

During the first 45 minutes of the match, if both teams score, the bettor wins the bet. If no goals are scored, the bettor loses. Alternatively, if the bettor bets that neither team will score and no goals are scored in the first half, the bettor wins, and vice versa.

BTTS in the Second Half

Similar to BTTS in the first half, if both teams score in the second half, the bettor wins. If no goals are scored in the second half, the bettor loses.

BTTS for the Entire Match

When participating in a BTTS bet for the entire match, the bettor must predict whether both teams will score during the full 90 minutes of regular play and place their bet accordingly.

In summary, the BTTS bet focuses solely on whether both teams will score or not, regardless of the total number of goals or the final result of the match. This type of bet is straightforward and popular among bettors due to its simplicity and higher chances of winning.

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Participating in Both Teams to Score (BTTS) Betting

To win when betting on the Both Teams to Score (BTTS) market, investors need to be aware of the following experiences:

Research Past Match Results and Goal Rates: Examine the past performance of the teams and see how frequently they score in each match. Some teams tend to score often in the first 45 minutes, while others attack more in the second half and score then.

Choose the Right Betting Time: Place your bets on matches where both teams are known for their aggressive attacking play.

Bet on Teams with Top Strikers: Choose teams with forwards competing for the top scorer awards in the league.

Consider External Factors: Take note of external factors that might affect the match outcome, such as weather and pitch conditions.

Analyze Team Lineups: Check if there are any key players missing from either team’s lineup.

How to Calculate Winnings for BTTS Bets

According to the rules, betting experts provide odds for each choice. If you win, you should calculate your earnings using the following formula: Winnings=Initial Stake×Betting Odds\textWinnings = \textInitial Stake \times \textBetting OddsWinnings=Initial Stake×Betting Odds

Example: If Chelsea plays Man City in the Premier League and you bet 100,000 VND on both teams to score with odds of 1.2 provided by the bookmakers, the outcomes could be:

If the match ends 1-2 after 90 minutes, your winnings will be: 100,000×1.2=120,000 VND100,000 \times 1.2 = 120,000 \text VND100,000×1.2=120,000 VND

If the match ends 0-1 or a dull 0-0, you lose your 100,000 VND stake.


Hopefully, this guide betting tips website on BTTS betting provides useful experiences for investors. Good luck to all investors!


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