Who Are The A'i Cofan? 

“We have been living here before the colonization. As some have said, we have been ''savages'' living in the jungle.

- Alex Lucitante, A'i Cofan Leader

The A'i Cofan number approximately 2,100 and control most of the Cofan Bermejo rainforest, an area of approximately 4,000 km² northeast Ecuador. Living between the Guamués and the Aguaricó River, the A'i Cofan fight back against small-scale gold-miners and new, large-scale concessions invading their forest land. Today, the tribe represents the last remnants of one of the most knowledgeable and rich cultures that ever emerged from the Amazon basin. With centuries of slowly developed wisdom, they hold the keys to an incredible body of information concerning the preservation of nature and the everyday rhythms of the Amazonian rainforest. 

Cofan Bermejo, Ecuador

The State Of The Forest

“They have tried to take away our wealth, not wealth in money, but wealth as this wealth I'm wearing now. The wealth that allows us to express ourselves.”

- Alex Lucitante, A'i Cofan Leader

Forest hectares guarded by the community:
4000 km² 

Industries threatening the community:



Indigenous Wisdom 

“My grandparents used to tell us about their experiences, stories about life, the fishing and hunting techniques and the ancestral medicines.

- Alex Lucitante, A'i Cofan Leader


We Still Have Hope 

“During a vision of Ayahuasca, I've been told that all this suffering and all the pain Indigenous peoples have faced, is coming to an end.”

- Alex Lucitante, A'i Cofan Leader





The A'i Cofan community spent months protesting state entities that granted mining concessions in their territory without the community’s permission.

Following the discovery of mining activities, the community requested a protective action with the help of the Ombudsman’s office to halt the mining.

How To Stop This

We believe that video technology and geospatial data could be used as a tool for the advancement of Indigenous rights and the preservation of nature. We empower young Indigenous community members (with a strong focus on women) to tell their own stories through films and express the hardship they are facing to secure ancestral forests, wisdom and cultural heritage. We combine film, geospatial data and Indigenous rights advocacy through a network of environmental lawyers in order to achieve sustainable policy change on Indigenous customary law and the preservation of tropical forests.

Our ultimate goal is to empower Indigenous communities to protect forest territories and its biodiversity through powerful stories and videos that could be used as proof of evidence against deforestation. We track our impact to determine how much of the video content is used as proof of evidence in court and how many hectares of Indigenous forest area is reclaimed after our intervention.


Asentamiento Ancestral Cofan Avie

© All images courtesy of the A'i Cofan community and can not be used or shared in any other form without the permission of  the community.

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Tribal Stories

Explore participatory films from Indigenous communities backed with geospatial data on ancestral rainforests and evidence of environmental change across the globe.

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